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Immerse in A Spinner Battle!

Spinner Merge a Sunday Collaboration

Spinner Merge is a hella addicting mix of spinner games and merges games that you won’t want to put away. Merge your spinners together to create more powerful machines with more blades and attack every rival top toy to stay on the field! This is the fun spin on battle games you needed.

Human Monster

Human monster is one of a unique hyper-casual game of transformation

Bags of Fun

In this game – we make dreams come true! Your goal is to shop, shop, shop! More shopping means more shopping bags to bounce everything that is in your way!

Choose your shopper and go hit the mall! Collect shopping bags to gain more power and rush your way through the runaway all the way to the cashier to collect your bonus.

Cross To Fit

It’s time to get in shape!

In this game, you would need to slide your finger to change positions in order to fit through the spaces. The obstacles keep on coming, and fast! Can you swipe fast and accurately enough to avoid them? Position yourself in a variety of positions to fit through the obstacles, gain points and bonuses! Hundreds of new levels are available, each stage with a cool and new theme!

Hide The Body

Do you believe in committing a crime and escaping from it? Then Hide the Body is for you. Kill, punching or putting someone to an acid bed and escaping by putting dust in the eyes of the police is the experience you are about to get in this Hide the Body and escape the game after you hide the evidence.

Get Famous

This is your chance to get lots of followers and be super famous

Complete the track and collect as many popular items as possible to become liked and followed by! You will also face gates with life-changing options, each will determine how popular you’ll get.

More items and influencer items will make you more famous and of course, followers! But, lame items,.. Will make you poorer and might make you lose everything!

Idle Money Clicker

Money Clicker is an idle clicker game in which you need to stack gold bars and buy things using money.

1v1 Ragdoll

1v1 Ragdoll Shooting is a offline multiplayer game in which your job is to save yourself but kill your enemy by dodging the bullets.

CCTV Master

An interesting and addicting adventure awaits you. Be prepared to play as a detective and look through security cameras to find the culprit. Go forward or reverse the security footage to find the thief. A tap mechanics based easy gameplay. With loads and loads of extremely amazing and colourful backgrounds and assets with beautiful characters.

Blob Stretch Puzzle Game

Blob Stretch Puzzle Game is a character based rope puzzle game.

Block Swipe

Block swipe is a puzzle game in which your goal is to fit the blocks in the right order.

Body paint 3d

An interesting and addicting adventure awaits you. Be prepared for a very lit experience. Move the limbs and form poses. A drag and drop controls based easy game play. With loads and loads of extremely amazing and colorful backgrounds.

Car Gun Shooting Game 3D

Car gun shooting game is a shooting game in which cars are shoot from gun.

Coin Swipe

Coin swipe is a maze puzzle game based on increasing your currency by swiping your coins into bigger ones.

Color 3D Jump

A crazy Hyper Casual adventure of the bouncing colouring ball to colour light and dark blocks and complete levels. Can you go past level 40?

An interesting and addicting adventure awaits you. Be prepared for a very lit experience. Color the tiles to complete the levels. A full drag-based easy gameplay. With loads and loads of extremely amazing and colourful backgrounds.

Draw The Snake

Draw The Snake is a snake puzzle game to trap the characters.

Drill Crush

Drill Crush is a super satisfying asmr stone mining game.

Evolve & Adapt

Evolve yourself as a character and adapt to the ever changing world to survive. Run to the winning pose while killing your enemies and clear the stages full of hurdles and challenges. Enjoy one of the best hypercasual games of 2022.

Derby Car Merge

Derby Car Merge is a merging game in which your job is to merge the cars.

Cut Rope & Save Hanging Body

Cut the rope in such a manner that it doesn’t end up dead and save the body by fitting in drum.

Film star 3d

Play film star game to become a celebrity and get famous

Helix run

Helix Run Multiplier Game is a running and jumping game in which you can fight your opponents out.

Idle Gun Clicker Game

Idle gun clicker game is an idle arcade clicker game based on shooting the targets.

Flip Hammer Smash Game

Flip Hammer Smash Game is a satisfying hammer flipping game which will give you a satisfaction like no other.

Grenade Master

An exciting and fun hyper-casual game. Fully packed in action with amazing stories. Kill the enemies by throwing grenades at them and wait to see the magic. Enemies will shoot bullets so be careful to eliminate them before shooting.

Marshmallow puzzle pop shutting game

Marshmallow Pop Shooting Game is a shooting game with marshmallows popping in faces of your enemies. Your goal is to simply fill your enemies face with marshmallows. Let the sweet encounter begin…!!!

Superhero Ragdoll Hoop Fight

Superhero Ragdoll hoop fighting is a hoop based fighting game consists of ragdolls. Your job is to hoop through the tube and hit the ragdoll in that process.

Sports Vendor Man Idle Arcade

Vendor Man is an idle arcade sports-based game where you sell snacks and earn money through it. Enjoy one of the best idle arcade games of 2022.

Partner Puzzle

Partner puzzle is a partner matching game based on correct soulmates

Puzzle war fighting

Puzzle war fighting is a counting master crowd fight game in which you have to solve the puzzle perfectly.

Ragdoll Sniper Trigger 3D

Your job is simply to take down all the enemies that come your way to stop you and reach the summit. Enjoy one of the best hypercausal shooting games of 2022.

Fit Them All

Fit Them All is a perfect fit game which enables you to fit everything perfectly. Your job is to perfectly fit every tool, furniture and cars etc.



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